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If you are an autonomous, analytical person and know how to find solutions for any problem, and performance is a standard in everything you do, we are waiting for you in our team!

What does a working day at our company mean:

– To create attractive, intuitive and easy-to-use websites for visitors based on the client’s requirements and a design that you will receive from a web designer in the team; – Develop front-end and back-end sites, including implementing themes and plugins in WordPress and Elementor using JavaScript and PHP programming languages 

– To evaluate the written code, to make sure that it meets the standards and that it is properly structured, to be compatible with all types of browsers, devices and operating systems; identify problems and correct errors in the code;

What we offer you in exchange for your time
and your dedication?

Attractive salary and performance bonuses

Your remuneration will be based on a fixed salary but also depending on the objectives and the performances you will be able to achieve.

Professional growth

With us you will succeed experience and build your career professional you want.

Continuous development

We believe in your potential and want it we capitalize, therefore, on a quarterly basis we offer personal budget that you can invest in trainings for your professional development

Outings with the team

Monthly we organize outings with the team to reward a job well done with a moment of relaxation, during which we have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Health insurance

We believe that a healthy body means a healthy mind, that's why we offer you health insurance at Queen Mary to encourage you to do your tests periodically.

Holiday bonuses

Holidays are perfect occasions to show off gratitude for the important people of our life, that's why we annually offer bonuses of holidays to our employees. Because we care about them.

We are waiting for you in our team if:

Who are we

If in the beginning there was the Word, and in the beginning of the digital world there was the code. Every website, every app, every one social media post, every program or e-commerce platform is made of code, and the essence of code are 2 digits: 1 and 0. These two digits are the inspiration for the name One Zero One. One Zero One is not only a company that offers online and coding services, it is a partner and collaborator of trust that helps businesses grow, discover the advantages of online and how to use it existing digital tools in their fields of activity, building code by code digital projects personalized that bring results. We are not afraid of the unknown, we like to take things from 0 and take them to 1, providing added value, therefore, we are that +1 that a company needs online to make a difference.

Why join our team:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your working hours are from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday, with a one-hour lunch break.

Dacă ai abilități bune de comunicare, ai experiență de un an în vânzări, știi să pui întrebările corecte pentru a descoperi nevoile clientului și în același ești o persoană orientată spre soluții și nevoile clientului, atunci ești persoana pe care o căutăm pentru acest post. 

Zilnic vei prelua task-uri și vei colabora cu Team Leader-ul tău, CEO-ul Companiei și cu Agentul de vânzări. 

Unde ne poți găsi?

Telefon: 0720778892 

Email: office@onezeroone.digital

Adresa: București, Bulevardul Dacia, Nr. 20, etajul 5